Drew Klein, B.Sc.

Drew graduated from the University of Waterloo as the Valedictorian of the Year 2000 Science Faculty. In his final year of study, he achieved the highest grade (A) completing an Honours Research Project on the effect of oxidative stress on transgenic mice with Dr. John Carlson's Animal Physiology Ph.D. team.

Following graduation, Drew spent the next 20 years in high finance and high technology. From 2000-2010, Drew lived in Los Angeles and worked in the commodity brokerage business, where he eventually started his own firm which he ultimately sold to a Chicago-based FCM.

In 2010, he returned to Ottawa, and until 2020, he led the sales and marketing team of a publicly traded satellite business. The company has become a world leader in commercial mobile antenna manufacturing and design.

Although healthcare has always been of specific interest to Drew, it took a global pandemic to renew his passion for the field. Drew is the President of FocusWave Clinic and runs the day-to-day operations.

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