Erectile Dysfunction in Smokers & Cyclists

Smokers & Cyclists
Smoking, and Erectile Dysfunction

A strange duo to compare – Cyclists & Smokers.

is a useful, healthy activity; smoking is a useless, deadly one.

The question is: Do both smokers and cyclists have an increased risk of erectile dysfunction?

The answer is: Yes, maybe.


Well – to put it simply – both activities can be responsible for a vasculogenic abnormality that interferes with blood flow to the penis.

For the vast majority of patients, ED is a vascular condition.

It’s all about the blood flow.

Reduced or weakened arterial blood pumping to the penis can cause partial erections that aren’t strong enough for penetration and don’t last long.

Now, while it’s clear that smokers are much more likely to suffer from ED than non-smokers (study), the data confirming a causative link between and impotence is a bit more murky.

While some studies dismiss any causative relationship between ED and (study), it’s been shown that -induced perineal compression can lead to vascular dysfunction in men and the development of ED (study).

Biking for long periods with an uncomfortable saddle that ends in penile or buttocks numbness might lead to sexual performance issues.

One study found that narrow seats and narrow seats with a V-shape in the saddle nose decreased oxygen to penis by 82.4% and 72.4%, respectively.

Stanford Medicine is currently performing the largest /ED study of its kind to see if there are any causative relationships.

The solution to cyclists is relatively easy – get a better saddle, especially if you are riding for long periods.

For smokers – you have a much more challenging row to hoe.

The chemicals in cigarette smoke have a marked effect on the blood vessels in the penis (and throughout the body).

Smoking hampers circulation to the genitals making it tougher to both get, and keep, an erection.

And the science on this is quite clear. (study) (study) (study)

Quitting smoking is a TOUGH thing to do – one of the most challenging habits to conquer.
Just remember – YOU AREN’T GIVING ANYTHING UP! You will save money, improve your health, you won’t smell disgusting, and you have a great chance to prevent, or reverse, your Erectile Dysfunction.

In Conclusion:

Quit smoking!

Visit the OPH website or send us a note and we will send you the Alan Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking E-Book

But don’t quit ! Just get a better seat!

And don’t smoke while you bike!

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