The Gender Health Paradox

Lady is curious about something

Men are a procrastinating bunch.

At FocusWave Clinic, we speak about this from positions of deep, personal experience.

And men, in particular, are especially dallying creatures when it comes to matters of our health.

Broadly speaking, we die earlier than women.

Global Life Expectancy is 74.2 years for women and 69.8 years for men1.

We work longer hours, we commit suicide at higher rates, and we suffer from alcoholism / drug abuse at elevated levels when compared to our female counterparts.

And yet, WOMEN, in spite of (or possibly because of) their increased lifespan, tend to suffer through higher numbers of chronic episodes than men.

The adage goes: “Women get sicker – Men die quicker”.

This is known as the ‘Gender Health Paradox’.

And while it’s not an illogicality without controversy2, it still doesn’t disprove the statistics.

One of the most cited potential reasons for this illogicality is that women tend to ACT on their illnesses much quicker than men.

A recent poll showed that 65 percent of male respondents said they avoid going to the doctor as long as possible3.

Another study confirmed that women are much more likely to seek out medical care than the opposite sex4.

And so since we deal with A LOT of men here at FocusWave Clinic – we hear LOTS of reasons WHY men decide NOT to go through Shockwave Therapy to treat their Sexual Health conditions.

Stop making excuses for yourself.

Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, and Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome are DISEASES.

They can be treated, even reversed, using Focused Shockwave Therapy.

Ottawa’s FocusWave Clinic is the only clinic in the city using this Regulatory Approved device for treating the above sexual health conditions.

This is your Health! This is your Sexual Health!

Do something about it!

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