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Specializing in Sexual Wellness &
Performance, Urological Dysfunction and
Chronic Pain
No pain, No pills,
No side effects,
No surgery,
No downtime
Specializing in Sexual Wellness &
Performance, Urological Dysfunction and
Chronic Pain
No pain, No pills,
No side effects,
No surgery,
No downtime

Shockwave Therapy for 
Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation,
Peyronie’s Disease, Incontinence & 
Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

No Pills
No Side Effects
No Downtime…


Treat the Root Cause of Sexual Dysfunction…Naturally


Men’s Health Clinics in Ottawa & Waterloo

Highly Effective Shockwave Therapy at FocusWave's Erectile Dysfunction & Men's Sexual Health Clinic

Men’s Health

 Erectile Dysfunction Treatment (ED)
Peyronie’s Disease Treatment (PD)
Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome Treatment (CPPS)
Urinary Incontinence Treatment (UI)
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Treatment (BPH)

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine, a.k.a. functional / complimentary medicine, is a branch of patient care dedicated to treating root causes NOT symptoms.

Urological Devices

Penile Traction Devices and Penis Pumps & Vacuums (VED) are excellent tools for reducing the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease.


I woke up the next morning after the first treatment and instantly noticed a difference. Throughout the day I had feelings of sensitivity I don't remember since I was a teenager. Pretty sure this is not the normal customer experience but it was mine. Can't say enough awesome.
Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction for more than 20 years
Good afternoon: The FocusWave team was very professional and caring. It was easy to arrange appointments and they were flexible with convenient times. It was discreet and I was made to feel comfortable reducing anxiety. It was a pain free experience. No waiting. Overall, I certainly made the right decision and it’s made a difference in the bedroom. Thank you so much, J from Ottawa
Erectile Dysfunction for 5 years
I have just finished my 5 weeks appointment at FocusWave. I was skeptical initially since I had tried many other therapies. I had not reached the level of health I needed to get on with my life. After 5 appointments I have already noticed a huge difference in my back pain. Most of my weeks are good. Not perfect yet. But that is to be expected. My back is still healing and will do so for some time. I would, without hesitation, recommend Focus Wave to anyone who needs that last step to get back in control with your life. Thank you FocusWave for your help and dedication to your patients.
Chronic Knee Pain
To my knowledge, this simple, non-invasive medical procedure is new (1.5 years) to Ottawa and works for a number of different medical conditions. Excellent health care professionals and speedy treatment. People can look at the website for more details on what it is used for but it does include ED, for instance----ED temporarily caused by some prostate cancer treatments. The sooner this Focus wave treatment is used after the prostate cancer treatments, the higher the probability of effectiveness of the Focus wave treatment. I have only the highest recommendation for this useful procedure.
Peyronie's Disease for years
Went to FocusWave after 10 months of nagging (sometimes) and often excruciating pain from Plantar Fasciitis. Had previously treated with dry needling and massage, but this was the ticket. Back to tennis without pain and even starting to jog again. Could not be more satisfied.
Plantar Fasciitis


A 30 minute discussion about treating Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease and Chronic Pain using Focused Shockwave Therapy for Men’s Sexual Health.

A 10 minute radio interview about FocusWave Clinic, Ottawa and Waterloo’s Premier Erectile Dysfunction Clinic.  Sam and Drew discuss ED, PD, and Relationships.

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Pathology Testing

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Download your FREE E-BOOK on Focused Shockwave Therapy

When seeking treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Peyronie’s Disease (PD), Urinary Incontinence (UI), Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS), or Female Sexual Dysfunction (FMD) insist on REGULATOR APPROVED Focused Shockwave Therapy.

Focused Shockwaves travel at 1500 meters per second to painlessly reach the cellular level of your condition, be it erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s Disease. 

Radial waves only travel at 10 meters per second, often require numbing creams, and are NOT APPROVED to treat men’s sexual dysfunction.

Download our FREE e-book to learn more the amazing Focused Shockwave technology that can be found operated by our trained clinicians at FocusWave Clinic in Ottawa and Kitchener/Waterloo.

Boost Your Nitric Oxide Levels!

Nitric Oxide is deemed the body’s miracle molecule for good reason. By supporting healthy circulation, Nitric Oxide (NO) plays a vital role in almost every biological process and system. 

Shortly after you arrive at FocusWave Clinic, we will test your NO levels, specifically if you are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. 

If your Nitric Oxide levels are low or depleted, there may be consequences for cognition and sexual function. 

Visit our clinic for a FREE NITRIC OXIDE TEST and supplement with Berkeley Life’s Nitric Oxide Foundation.

Click the link below to get 10% off your subscription.

Nitric Oxide Supplements Canada

Why FocusWave Clinic?

FocusWave Clinic is the premier provider of FOCUSED SHOCKWAVE THERAPY, a natural treatment for dozens of chronic diseases, syndromes, pains and conditions.

Specializing in Sexual Wellness and Performance, our certified clinicians and Registered Nurses treat Men’s & Women’s Sexual Health conditions – Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, Bladder Incontinence, Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome, Anorgasmia, Dyspareunia, Low Libido – in addition to various Chronic Orthopedic Pain conditions.

With clinics in Ottawa & Kitchener – Waterloo, and aiming to expand nationwide, our patients receive the highest quality care, using the best technology available in the marketplace.

Don’t settle for Radial /Acoustic /Piezoic Waves – INSIST on Focused or Linear Shockwaves (TRUE SHOCKWAVE) to achieve the depths required to promote angiogenesis (new blood vessel formation) for the healing of your chronic condition. 

Learn more about Focused Shockwave Therapy technology,  how they differ from Radial or Acoustic Wave Therapy, and why regenerative sexual medicine is an amazing, powerful, PAINLESS treatment for almost everyone.

Erectile Dysfunction clinic

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Unlock Your Body’s Ability to Heal with Shockwave Therapy!

Seeking a SAFE & EFFECTIVE, non-invasive treatment for sexual wellness or chronic pain? Look no further. 

Welcome to our FREE Shockwave Therapy Discovery Call, your gateway to discovering the incredible benefits of FOCUSED Shockwave Therapy.

During our 10 minute, NO-OBLIGATION call, our expert team will provide valuable insights into the world of shockwave therapy and how this innovative therapy can help you find relief from a wide range of conditions.

Our dedicated clinicians are eager to assist. 


Focused Shockwave Therapy is a natural, powerful and pharmaceutical-free treatment for improving, and possibly reversing, your chronic condition.

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