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Nitric Oxide Supplements

Boost Your Nitric Oxide Levels!

From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, your blood is circulating necessary oxygen and nutrients to each and every cell, organ, and system.

Limited blood flow to the genitals may be responsible for symptoms of sexual dysfunction.

Nitric Oxide is deemed the body’s miracle molecule for good reason. By supporting healthy circulation, Nitric Oxide also plays a vital role in almost every biological process and system.

Is your Nitric Oxide depleted? Find out when you visit FocusWave Clinic and receive your complimentary Nitric Oxide test. You may benefit from taking Berkeley Life’s Nitric Oxide Supplements. 

FocusWave Clinic is proud to offer this unique and proprietary blend of beet root extract for patient in Canada who are seeking the very best Nitric Oxide supplement products.  

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Nitric Oxide is the Body's Magic Molecule

Every patient that comes to FocusWave Clinic receives a complimentary Nitric Oxide (NO) test.

In just 30 seconds we can have a good idea of your free flowing NO levels just by checking your saliva on a test strip (like measuring the pH of your hottub).

And most guys already know – if they are struggling with their diet and/or fitness, they will probably come in with low NO levels.

Nitric Oxide Canada

Here are a few important facts about why your nitric oxide levels are critical to your erectile function.

  1. NO is considered the body’s magic molecule.  It’s the bodies’ natural vasodilator – opening up the blood vessels around the body, for improved cognition, gut biome health, and erectile function.
  2. By the age of 40, most men produce only about 50% of the NO in the body as they did in their teens and twenties.  As you continue to age, those numbers continue to decline.
  3. Having high levels of NO give you the best chance for solid erectile function, especially if you are using PDE5i (Blue Pill, Yellow Pill).  30-40% of men are non-responders to PDE5i medications – usually because they have low levels of NO.  

But your free flowing NO levels are not necessarily low just because you are lagging in your diet or exercise.  

Aging is the leading cause of NO depletion, and certain medical conditions can also cause a decline in production. 

BONUS NOTE: If you suffer from neuropathy (tingling in hands and feet) – one of the first natural solutions you should try is to increase your NO levels.  

If you KNOW, then you NO.

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Visit our clinic for a consultation with our friendly health care professionals (including licensed nurses and certified Sexologists), and get your free Nitric Oxide test.  

There’s never been a better time to reverse vasculogenic erectile dysfunction.

Combining Nitric Oxide supplementation with Focused Shockwave Therapy gives you an excellent chance to improve your sexual wellness.