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Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED), or impotence, is characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis during sexual activity.
ED is often a vascular issue; and although ED can affect men of all ages, nearly 50% of men over the age of 50 have some form of Erectile Dysfunction.

Focused Shockwaves travel at 1500 meters per second, into the penis and perineum, and stimulate NEW BLOOD VESSEL GROWTH (Neovascularization), to improve the blood flow to the penis, leading to longer-lasting and stronger erections. The treatment can also clear blocked blood vessels that develop over time.  

Treatments are painless, side effect free, and require no downtime, for nearly all patients.


Who is a Good Candidate for Erectile Dysfunction Treatments with Focused Shockwave Therapy?

Whether you are currently taking PDE5 inhibitor medications like Viagra or Cialis or Levitra, or if you have tried painful penile injections which don't allow for spontaneity, you may be a good candidate for focused shockwave therapy.

There are some contraindications to shockwave therapy - please discuss with your shockwave therapy clinician.

Every patient responds differently to shockwave - and that's not surprising.  
Not everyone has the same condition severity, overall vascular health, sexual desire, libido, and so on.

After booking your consultation, if it's determined you are a candidate, you can book your treatments whenever you are ready.  

We can also arrange consultations with other professionals (naturopathic physicians, dieticians, acupuncturists, personal trainers, pelvic floor physiotherapists, and much more) if you need some assistance.

Your FocusWave Clinic sexual health shockwave therapy treatment package includes:

  • FREE Phone Assessment - There's no obligation - just start the conversation!

  • In-Clinic Initial Consultation - Costs $125 but can be applied towards your treatment if you decide to book!

  • 6 x 20-Minute Treatments - once per week for 6 weeks - Painless, Side Effect Free, NO DOWNTIME

  • AfterCare Follow-Up - 90 days post-treatment

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Why FocusWave Clinic?

FocusWave Clinic in Ottawa and Kitchener Waterloo is the only clinic in the city using FOCUSED or LINEAR shockwaves to treat men's sexual wellness and performance.

These are TRUE SHOCKWAVES powerful enough to reach the cellular level of your condition. Other shockwave devices aren't generally approved for use in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

FocusWave Clinic's regulator approved FOCUSED shockwave therapy technology is specific for treating erectile dysfunction painlessly, side effect free, and without the need for needles or numbing creams.

You can literally leave the clinic after your treatment and resume your daily activities, including sex. In fact, we encourage it.

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See What Others Are Saying

I woke up the next morning after the first treatment and instantly noticed a difference. Throughout the day I had feelings of sensitivity I don't remember since I was a teenager. Pretty sure this is not the normal customer experience but it was mine. Can't say enough awesome.
Amazing service and professionalism. The service and professionalism as been beyond amazing with them. It's not easy as a men to admit we have an ED issue, however they make you feel welcome and it's not your fault. This is a great technology and you can see the team believes in it. All my questions were answered during my consultation and explain very clearly with no surprises. The treatment are painless and very quick. I would definitely recommend them to any men suffering from ED.
The Treatment Works!! To my knowledge, this simple, non-invasive medical procedure is new (1.5 years) to Ottawa and works for a number of different medical conditions. Excellent doctor and speedy treatment. People can look at the web site for more details on what it is used for but it does include ED, for instance----ED temporarily caused by some prostate cancer treatments. The sooner this Focus wave treatment is used after the prostate cancer treatments, the higher the probability of effectiveness of the Focus wave treatment. I have only the highest recommendation for this useful procedure.
John H
An evidence based approach I have been working collaboratively with Focus Wave and I am impressed that they integrate an evidence based approach with patient focussed solutions. Our mutual patients have noted that appreciate the non-judgemental approach, clear communication, and the boost in vitality. Men are starting to look for integrated and comprehensive approaches to achieve their health goals - and teaming with Focus Wave has allowed our mutual patients to experience a synergistic benefit.
Dr. Y
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