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Naturopathic Medicine

Functional & Complimentary Naturopathic Medicine

In Kitchener – Waterloo, FocusWave Clinic has partnered with Functional Medicine Uptown.  To schedule a meeting with one of their fantastic Doctors, please contact 519-745-1600 and visit

In Ottawa – FocusWave Clinic works with the premier men’s sexual health naturopathic physicians – Contact us at 613-422-9283 to book a comprehensive assessment.

Meet with one of our Functional Medicine Doctors to treat chronic symptoms and optimize overall health. 

Using a science-based, holistic approach they will personalize a healing plan factoring in your genetic makeup along with your lifestyle habits and environmental influences.

Let’s go beyond treating symptoms and start addressing the root cause.

Natural Treatment

The gulf between allopathy and naturopathy doesn’t have to be so wide.  But it is.  Understanding that there are natural ways to fight disease and chronic conditions is key to the promotion of your overall well being. 

Treating symptoms is a poor strategy.

FocusWave Clinic can help you to find a naturopathic physician in Ottawa and Kitchener-Waterloo who can optimize your health and improve your life!