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Penis Traction & Vacuum Erection Treatment Devices

The World’s PREMIERE Vacuum Erection Device (VED) - Penis Pump

Made in Germany – this vacuum erection aid uses negative pressure to help restore a normal erection. 

Without pills or unwanted side effects, the Active 3 vacuum erection device can encourage bloodflow to the erectile tissue and lead to stiffening of the penis.

Price: $365 (includes tax)

The World’s PREMIERE Vacuum Penis Pump

Vacuum Erection Device Video

Have you ever tried a vacuum erection system?  Watch the video to learn how to apply the Medintim Erection 3 system to maximize the vacuum erection process using this powerful technology.  

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How to Video (Age-restricted)

Penimaster Pro

Penimaster Pro - The World’s PREMIER Penis Traction Device

Made in Germany – The PeniMaster is a medical penile traction device used to treat Peyronie’s Disease. It can also be used pre or post prostatectomy. 

It gently and painlessly stretches the penis, exerting stimulation on the tissue, to straighten it over time.

Penis traction, in conjunction with shockwave therapy, is highly effective at reducing curvature and breaking up scar tissue in the penis.  

Price: $490 (taxes included)


If you would like to order this penis traction device – send an e-transfer for the amount above to or give us a call to pay by credit card.

Peer reviewed study showing the efficacy of penis traction devices, specifically the Penimaster:

How-To-Use Penis Traction Devices (Age-restricted)