How Often Do You DO IT?

Couple In Bed
Couple in bed

Sexual frequency is an interesting topic.

It’s quite common knowledge that people in their 20’s engage in sex much more frequently than those in their 60’s. In fact, studies show that the average 20-something has sex 4 times more often (on an annual basis) than your average 60 year old 1.

Interestingly, our sexual proclivity has declined over the last generation – we are having less sex today than we were 25 years ago.

Sexual health conditions can get in the way of a healthy sex life.

Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, and Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome are all treatable, even reversible, using Focused Shockwave Therapy.

Ottawa’s FocusWave Clinic is the ONLY locally owned focused shockwave therapy clinic treating sexual health conditions to get you back on track.

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Shockwave Therapy Success Rate?

Elderly couple enjoying
elderly couple enjoying

A frequently asked question by our patients is: “What’s the success rate of Focused Shockwave Therapy for treating Erectile Dysfunction?”

And the short answer to that is: “Well, it depends.”

For how long have you been dealing with your condition?

Did you recently have prostate surgery or cancer?

Are you a heavy smoker? Boozer? Coffee addict?

Does your diet suck?

Do you exercise enough?

Are you significantly overweight?

If you have diabetes – is it under control?

Depressed? Stressed?

Do you have a regular (and willing and supportive) sexual partner?

Whether you need shockwave therapy for ED, Peyronie’s Disease, or Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome, your results will depend on many of these factors.

The long answer, for Erectile Dysfunction specifically, is that about 70% of men in peer reviewed studies show improvement in their conditions over the short and long term with Focused Shockwave Therapy.

A few of the more impressive studies can be read at the following links:

here (study 1) TLDR: “There is convincing evidence in the literature that Li-ESWT is able to generate efficacy data in many patients with the so-called organic ED of vasculogenic origin and that in subsets of patients these positive effects are durable up to 2 years.”

here (study 2) TLDR: “Shock wave therapy with or without concomitant treatments improved the quality of erections in patients with erectile dysfunction.”

here (study 3) TLDR: “The randomized single-blind study confirms that Li-ESWT significantly improves erectile function.”

At FocusWave Clinic we have seen EVEN GREATER rates of success – closer to 80% in the short-term.

Check out what some of our patients have been saying about their results in their TrustPilot reviews:

Why are we seeing better than expected results?

We have a few theories.

First of all – FocusWave Clinic uses the Industry Standard, Focused Shockwave Therapy device, made in Switzerland by the pioneers of the modality, which sends powerful electromagnetic, linear shockwave directly to the treatment zone.

Many clinics use radial or acoustic or pulse wave devices which aren’t true shockwave therapy devices, and cannot achieve the depths required to treat many conditions.

So it’s critical that If you are seeking impotence treatment via shockwave therapy – make sure your clinic is using FOCUSED or LINEAR Shockwaves. Most all the positive peer reviewed studies are using FOCUSED or LINEAR Shockwaves, not Radial or Acoustic or Pulse waves.

Another potential reason for improved patient outcomes is that FocusWave Clinic is flexible with our treatment plans and protocols.

Clinical studies tend to be quite rigid for control purposes. But we realize that everybody, and everyone’s condition, is somewhat unique.

At FocusWave Clinic, we offer additional treatments and tune-ups, we can and will vary the frequency and intensity of the shocks, and we also encourage positive health changes in our patients (diet, exercise, lifestyle transformations) by recommending additional modalities to help you overcome your condition.

Ultimately, our patients come to FocusWave Clinic to treat the cause of the problem – not just the symptom.

Reversing sexual health diseases and restoring natural erections is possible without injections, needles, pain, and perpetual pharmacological assistance.

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Sexual Disease & Divorce?

Couple are sleeping on bed.
Couple are sleeping on bed.
Focuswave Clinic erectile dysfunction peyronie’s disease chronic pelvic pain impotence Ottawa ED clinic treatment erection problems

Has your sex life dwindled as a result of Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease or Chronic Pelvic Pain?

Are you afraid to start a new relationship, or initiate intimate contact with your partner, because you lack the confidence, or ability, to perform in the bedroom?

Is intercourse painful or just flat out frustrating?

Sexual Dysfunction & Divorce

Sexual diseases are seen as a major contributing factor to both divorces and broken relationships (study).

Nearly 80% of divorced men (article) confirmed that they struggled with erectile dysfunction.

Sexual dysfunction in marriages is considered such a serious issue that several US States qualify impotence, or the inability to engage in sexual intercourse, as legal grounds for divorce (Mississippi and Massachusetts).

Men and women suffer from sexual dysfunction differently and the issue can be difficult to discuss, creating further stigma and distance between partners (article).

ED & Mental Health

It’s no wonder that patients with ED are also at an increased risk of developing depression (study), as shattered confidence in the bedroom can upend confidence and create undue stress and anxiety.

ED also affects the mental health of one’s partner.

According to a 2016 review, ED can make a person’s partner feel confused, anxious, undesirable, or suspicious that their partner may be unfaithful.

Vicious Circle

Unfortunately, some people just ignore their declining sexual health, hoping it will resolve on their own.

But this is not correct – these are diseases and they need to be treated like any other disease, be it diabetes or hypertension.

If you don’t seek help – you may find yourself stuck in a vicious sexual circle.

How many men and women could regain their sexual confidence by treating the cause of their condition, rather than just the symptoms?

How do you break the vicious circle?

FIRST – You must seek help.

Many sexual health diseases CAN be treated effectively – but, ultimately, it’s up to you.

SECOND – if you have a partner, ask for their support.

A supportive partner should lead to better outcomes

The successful treatment of these conditions can actually benefit BOTH of you.

THIRD – you need to determine how important a healthy sex life is to you.

Only you can gauge this.

Just remember that sex is just one of the 5 SIDES of Human Health (Sex, Intellectuality (mental and emotional), Diet, Exercise, Sleep).

If one side crumbles – all are at risk of crumbling.

Reclaim Your Sex Life

Early data from famed sexologist Alfred Kinsey showed that men tended to hit their sexual peak in their late teens while women tended to hit theirs in their late 30’s.

What was deemed a cruel joke played by Mother Nature has seen its data challenged, however, and there is growing research that satisfying sex lives can be reclaimed later in life.

Newer studies have shown that men can hit a secondary sexual prime in their 50’s (study), and, in fact, 74% of sexually active men over the age of 60 say their sex life is as satisfying (or more satisfying) than it was in their 40s (article).

Focused Shockwave Therapy

What are your options for reviving your sexual health?

You always have options such as pills, pumps, needles, surgeries, injections.

None of them are guaranteed to work, some might cause undue side effects, and others might plain hurt.

Enter Focused Shockwave Therapy – an amazing, alternative medical treatment for Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease or Chronic Pelvic Pain, that’s painless, side effect free, and totally non-invasive.

Focused Shockwave Therapy, which differs from acoustic / radial / pulse wave therapies, has been used in Europe for over a decade, and is incredibly effective at treating your reproductive health conditions.

Ottawa’s FocusWave Clinic offers the very best technology, approved by National Regulator specifically for treating these specific sexual health conditions.

Stop the suffering.

Choose Focused Shockwave Therapy – a safe and natural treatment that has been so promising for so many patients – with the potential to improve your sex life, strengthen your marital intimacy, and restore your confidence.

Book your free consultation – bring your partner – and reclaim your best and healthiest sex life TODAY!

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Attention Wives / Girlfriends / Partners – Your Man Needs Help.

Guy is in some problem
Guy is in some problem

Men are big time procrastinators when it comes to dealing with their health – even more so when talking about sexual conditions like Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, and Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome.

Why? Because it’s uncomfortable, embarrassing and taboo?

It doesn’t have to be.

At FocusWave Clinic, we understand how important a healthy sex life is to both men and women.

And when men see a decline in performance and function, usually as a result of Father Time being a bastard, it’s common to just sweep the problem under the rug hoping it won’t re-emerge.

Unfortunately, this will not work.

It will not go away on its own.

Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, and Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome are diseases that requires treatment – no different than diabetes or hypertension.

So we would like to recruit you – the ladies in our lives, our partners in this rigmarole – to get us men up off our asses and do whatever we can to take control of our condition.

Generally speaking, women are much more likely to take control of their health – even more so their reproductive health – than their perpetually postponing partners.

At FocusWave Clinic we see men who struggle for years with sexual health conditions, only to see them degenerate further, sometimes to the point where they cannot be reversed. If treated early and aggressively, the studies show that many of these diseases can be proactively improved with Focused Shockwave Therapy.

If you have been reading our blogs, you know how we like to preach about the ‘5 Pillars of Health’ – Sex, Sleep, Diet, Exercise, Intellectual Stimulation.

If anyone of those pillars begins to crumble, you are at risk of losing the other 4.

Your man’s sexual health directly affects your own.

We always encourage our patients’ partner to join during our free consultation.

Often times, deciding on treatment is a choice that is best made together.

Please book your free consultation by visiting our website ( or call us at 613-422-9283.

Shockwave Therapy Treats Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

Stomach ache
Stomach ache
erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, chronic pelvic pain, ED, impotence, ottawa clinic, ED clinic, shockwave therapy, CPPS, erection problems

Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS) in men is a frustrating and difficult condition to treat.

Currently, there is a lack of guidelines for the management of CPPS.

Symptoms include Pain in the lower back and genital area (perineum), urinary frequency and urgency (often at night), erectile dysfunction, burning or painful urination and ejaculation, and reduced quality of life (QoL) which may be even greater than the pelvic pain itself [1].

CPPS is often diagnosed as non-bacterial prostatitis, a condition for which there is no known infection present.

While almost 50% of men will experience some form of chronic pelvic pain over the course of their lives, the prevalence of chronic prostatitis / CPPS in the population ranges from 8% to 10% [2].

The vast majority of studies show that Focused Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) is both a safe and effective treatment for CPPS.

Please see the following links to learn more:

Study 1 – “Our findings confirmed the effectiveness and safety of ESWT in resistant cases of CPPS in the short term.”

Study 2 – “Our studies confirmed ESWT therapy as a safe and effective therapy in CPPS in short-term follow-up…”

Study 3 – “….reveal perineal ESWT as a therapy option for CPPS with statistically significant effects…”

Study 4 – “ESWT is an effective and safe short and long-term treatment modality for patients with chronic pelvic pain syndrome.”

Note that the studies with the most promising results are using FOCUSED Shockwave Therapy, and specifically the Storz SD1 Duolith device (used here at Ottawa’s FocusWave Clinic) which is approved for treating CPPS by the National Regulator.

At FocusWave Clinic we offer flexible treatment courses to improve, and possibly reverse, your Chronic Pelvic Pain.

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