Anxiety, Depression & Men’s Sexual Health

Anxiety, Depression & Men’s Sexual Health

Depression and/or anxiety disorders in men is much more common than the statistics suggest.

Although only 5% of adult men annually report clinical depression in the Western world, approximately 20% admit to experiencing some form of anxiety disorder each year.

These numbers are rising, and alarmingly so. 

In recent polling, the percentage of U.S. adults who report having been diagnosed with depression at some point in their lifetime reached 29% in 2023, nearly 10 percentage points higher than in 2015.

In fact, all of these datapoints are likely to be vastly underreported due to social stigma associated with these disorders.


Without getting too deep into the clinical definitions and biopsychology of these conditions, we can confidently say that both depression and anxiety are weaknesses.

And EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US have moments of weakness.  

Some moments of weakness can last minutes. 
Some can last days and weeks.  

No one is immune.

Acknowledging this is CRITICAL.


What’s eating at you?

What’s your problem?  


These are rhetorical questions because, here’s the thing: 

It doesn’t really matter.

It doesn’t matter if your environment is toxic (bad partner, crap boss, shitty job, no friends),

And it doesn’t matter if you are not motivated to do what you NEED to do (exercise, eating well, sleeping well, etc)…,

And it doesn’t matter if you are blowing it with your lifestyle (Smoking, drinking, being a lazy fuck). 

What matters is: you are feeling weak now.  

And THAT is what needs to change.

Take it Easy

It’s OK if you are feeling down and struggling.


The pain you experience, however, is OPTIONAL.

So when I see a patient coming in with anxiety, or stress, or extreme sadness, the first thing I do is to put my hands up and tell them: “Take it Easy!”

And I often repeat it “….Take it Easy….”.

I know ‘taking it easy’ is sometimes easier said than done, but this is the simplest advice you can receive when it’s clear you are mentally exhausting yourself.

You need to REST and TAKE IT EASY.

I’m not telling you to lay down and quit.

I’m telling you to STOP, BREATHE, REST and TAKE IT EASY…so you can come back stronger and carry on.

Sex Starts in the Brain

Men take a lot of shit – we are expected to have more agency and control than women. 

The former are usually seen as victimizer while the latter is often seen as a victim.

Nowadays, we hear more about the downsides of the ‘Patriarchy’ than we do the ills of ‘Feminism’.  

When it comes to our health, unfortunately, we aren’t very good at admitting, or working to repair, what is ailing us.

It’s different for everyone as to the what, and the why; but generally speaking, men struggle to take charge and make changes to both their physical and mental health (as compared to women)  

The effect of mental health issues on a man’s sexual wellness is significant.

And in like manner, a man’s sexual wellness can directly affect his mental health.

It’s a 2-way street filled with potholes, pedestrians and peril.

Here are 5 ways your depression or anxiety can impact your sexual wellness:

1. **Erectile Dysfunction (ED):** Men with depression or anxiety are at a higher risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction. The psychological stress associated with these conditions can interfere with the brain’s ability to send the necessary signals to trigger an erection.  Sex ALWAYS starts in the brain.

2. **Reduced Libido:** Both depression and anxiety can lead to a decrease in sexual desire or libido. The emotional and physical fatigue associated with these mental health conditions often dampens sexual interest and enthusiasm.

3. **Premature Ejaculation (PE):** Anxiety, particularly performance anxiety, can contribute to premature ejaculation. The pressure to perform well can create a cycle of anxiety and rapid ejaculation.

4. **Difficulty Achieving Orgasm:** Depression and certain antidepressant medications can make it challenging to reach orgasm, contributing to sexual dissatisfaction.

5. **Relationship Strain:** Mental health issues can strain intimate relationships, leading to decreased emotional and physical intimacy. This strain can further exacerbate sexual health problems.

Addressing the Connection

Given the strong link between mental health and sexual wellness, it is crucial to address both aspects in treatment. 

Men experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety should consider seeking professional help, be it a therapist, sexologist, naturopath, or allopath.  

Addressing these mental health issues can lead to improvements in sexual health and overall well-being.

At FocusWave Clinic, we are committed to providing comprehensive care that addresses both mental and sexual health. Our approach includes a combination of tailored treatment plans, where we can integrate mental health support, natural sexual health treatments, and a holistic solution to overall improve well-being and quality of life.  

If you are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, or sexual health issues, we encourage you to book a consultation with us. 

Taking the first step towards treatment can significantly improve your mental and sexual wellness.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit or call us at 888-558-9283.

Prioritize your health and well-being this Men’s Health Awareness Month.

Warm regards,

Drew Klein, Certified Sexologist & Clinic Director

FocusWave Clinic



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Tip 6/30 – Throw the Kitchen Sink At Your Problem

ottawa premiere shockwave therapy clinic men's health ED Peyronie

Tip 6/30 – Throw the Kitchen Sink at your problem

The patients who have the best results with shockwave therapy typically throw the Kitchen Sink at the problem.

At FocusWave Clinic, we always recommend patients be their own best advocate. 

No one cares about your sexual health as much as you should.  

The suggestions from the allopathic medical community usually involve drugs, injections or surgery – and we want you to avoid these at all costs.  

It should be noted that these options are also not 100% guaranteed to work, and the side effects and risks are very real.

And so while shockwave is an amazing modality, we never stop there. 

At FocusWave we use the Kitchen Sink strategy. 

We throw everything at the wall and see what sticks.





Sex Therapy,

Functional Medicine,

Treatment Devices.

Who cares what works – let’s try it all.

For Erectile Dysfunction patients, we strongly encourage changes to improve vascular health (nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress, lifestyle) and the abandonment of non-natural prescription drugs.  All of these can and will have deleterious effects on your erectile function.  Adding Nitric Oxide supplementation and vacuum pumps can make a further difference.  

For Peyronie’s Disease – we recommend jelquing, stretching, traction devices and also Nitric Oxide supplementation.  

For Chronic Pelvic Pains or Bladder Incontinence issues, we strongly recommend a visit to a pelvic floor physiotherapist in conjunction with your focused shockwave therapy treatment.

A visit to a naturopathic physician is always recommended for our patients. 
We have access to the very best people to support your problem. 

By following the Kitchen Sink strategy, and in conjunction with our unique FOCUSED shockwave therapy protocol, we have seen even further improvements in our patients.  

In fact, we have seen positive developments in about 50% of the 30% expected non-responders, thus increasing the efficacy from 70% to about 85%.  

Truly amazing.  

I’m so happy (it makes me well up sometimes) when I hear patients and their success stories.

That said, I remain hyper focused and frustrated for the 15% who are still not seeing results. 

I dwell on it and really push them to keep going.

The only thing we can keep doing is to ‘KitchenSink’ it.  

You need to consider every option and take a 360 degree approach to slow the regression, and possibly reverse the conditions leading to the decline of your sexual wellness. 

Let us help you. 

We have access to the very best technology and support to get you on the right track. 

Give Shockwave Therapy a try.  

Book your consultation or FREE Discovery Call here:

Call 888-558-WAVE (9283) for more information.

Text 613-878-8164 for a quick chat.

But it all starts with you.
Start the Conversation.

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Tip 4/30 – Is shockwave always effective treatment for ED?

erectile dysfunction treatment with shockwave therapy

Tip 4/30 – Is shockwave always effective treatment for ED?

My 12 year old son Billy knows more about men’s sexual health than any 12 year old probably should.

For someone who has limited experience with boners, he asks some pertinent questions. 

The other day he said: “does everyone have the same kind of ED?”

“Good question buddy!”

And the answer is – NO. 

Some guys have very mild Erectile Dysfunction – it might not feel as strong as before, but you can get the job done.  

Others have more moderate and concerning symptoms – occasional failure to perform, declining libido.  

And some present with severe symptoms – a complete inability to sustain an erection.  

The majority of patients who come to see us suffer from vasculogenic ED, due to poor penile bloodflow.

In this case, focused shockwave therapy is highly effective.  

It’s considered a first line therapy by the European Association of Urology for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.

Your ED might be vasculogenic in nature, and even then, focused shockwave therapy alone will prove difficult, or even impossible, to improve your condition. Significant and chronic blood flow issues are difficult to correct with short term therapy. It will require additional effort on your part.  ED can be a harbinger of vascular illness, and patients should be well aware that atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries) can impede blood flow to the penis. 

Your ED, however, might be hormonal in nature, and focused shockwave therapy alone, while providing ancillary vasculogenic benefits, might be of secondary importance to increasing your testosterone or correcting another hormonal imbalance. Are you taking medications that adversely affect erectile function?  Talk to your prescribing physician or ask us about visiting an amazing Naturopathic Physician in your area. We have access to the very best available. 

Your ED might be psychogenic in nature – and focused shockwave therapy, while it will eventually be used for neurology, cannot remove the dark clouds in your head. If you are anxious & depressed, or dealing with low libido and drive, or perhaps your partner is just unwilling – this may be the key driver. Sex starts in the brain. Talk to your doctor or ask us about finding a sex therapist in your area. We have access to the very best available.

How important is your sexual wellness and performance to you?

Give Shockwave Therapy a try.  

Book your consultation or FREE Discovery Call here:

Call 888-558-WAVE (9283) for more information.

Text 613-878-8164 for a quick chat.

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January 2024 Shockwave Special!!!!

Erectile Dysfunction Peyronie's disease Chronic Pain Mens Health Shockwave Therapy

Struggling down there?  

You are NOT alone.

50% of men over the age of 50 suffer from some form of sexual condition or dysfunction.

Insist on Focused Shockwave Therapy.

Unfocused or Acoustic Wave Therapy is USELESS and/or PAINFUL.

FocusWave Clinic offers 24 minute treatments for Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome, and Urinary Incontinence.

Painless, Non-Invasive, Side-Effect Free!

You’re in – 

You’re out – 

You’re UP!

There’s No Downtime!

Leave the clinic and resume your daily activities, including sex!

In fact – we encourage it!

Isn’t it time to seek the help you need?

Call 888-558-9283 to complete your free intake call and book your initial consultation.

You’ll speak with our clinic director, Drew, who is a member of the International Society of Sexual Medicine and has an educational background in biology and a career in technology.

Drew has spoken with more than 4000 men and women in the last 3 years reading their specific and unique conditions.  

Don’t be shy – he will not be.  

Once at our clinic – you’ll meet with an amazing registered nurse who is also a certified shockwave therapy clinician.  

He will run a battery of tests on you regarding your sexual wellness.  

He will also perform a physical exam, go through your entire medical history, and teach you the specifics about how shockwave therapy works and how it might benefit your condition.

Once you are deemed a candidate for focused shockwave therapy – you can begin your treatment whenever you are ready.

Stand Firm And Make a Change!

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