Struggling down there?  

You are NOT alone.
50% of men over the age of 50 suffer from some form of sexual condition or dysfunction.

Isn’t it time to seek the help you need?

FocusWave Clinic offers 24 minute treatments for Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome, and Urinary Incontinence.
Painless, Non-Invasive, Side-Effect Free!

You’re in – You’re out – You’re UP!

There’s also No Downtime!
You can leave the clinic and resume your daily activities – including sex!
In fact – we encourage it!

Insist on Focused Shockwave Therapy.
Unfocused or Acoustic Wave Therapy is USELESS and/or PAINFUL.

Call 888-558-9283 to complete your free intake call and book your initial consultation.

You’ll speak with our clinic director, Drew, who is a member of the International Society of Sexual Medicine and with an educational background in biology.
Drew has spoken with more than 4000 men and women in the last 3 years reading their specific and unique conditions.
Don’t be shy – he will not be.  

Once at our clinic – you’ll meet with an amazing registered nurse who is also a certified shockwave therapy clinician.
He will run a battery of tests on you regarding your sexual wellness.
He will also perform a physical exam, go through your entire medical history, and teach you the specifics about how shockwave therapy works and how it might benefit your condition.

Once you are deemed a candidate for focused shockwave therapy – you can begin your treatment whenever you are ready.

Stand Firm and make a change!

BOOK an IN-CLINIC Consultation ($99) or a FREE DISCOVERY CALL:

Text / What’s App: 613-878-8164

Call 888-558-9283 to complete your free intake call and book your initial consultation

Email us at if you have any specific questions.
Complete our online form at

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